ETC Selador Desire D60XTI

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ETC’s Desire Series D60XTI brings the amazing control of the x7 color system™ and the long throw of a D60 to your facility for permanent installation. With its IP66 rating, this luminaire is ready for mounting inside or outside- wherever you need it. The Selador® x7 color system produces the widest range of spectrally-balanced saturated and tinted color choices available.

LED Array Information:

D60XTI luminaires are based on the x7 color system that uses seven different LED colors to achieve true, usable broad spectrum color. The D60XTI luminaire is available with any one of the following x7 color arrays to best suit the intended application:

  • DD60XTI Vivid™ – the x7 color system array balanced for best all-around use as a color-changing wash luminaire
  • D60XTI Lustr+™ – optimized with six colors plus high-intensity white LEDs to create an ideal front-light wash fixture. Full range color, with an emphasis on lighter colors and white
  • D60XTI Studio HD™ – Studio HD combines warm white and cool white LEDs for variable color temperature mixing. Added to this are five carefully chosen LED colors from the Selador x7 color system to fill in the white LED spectral gaps. D60XTI Studio HD provides the richest variable white light possible in an LED luminaire

Also available in the following static white arrays:

  • D60XTI Studio Daylight™ – Studio Daylight contains sixty 5600K LEDs for high-intensity, non-variable cool-white output
  • D60XTI Studio Tungsten™ – Studio Tungsten contains sixty 3000K LEDs for high-intensity, non-variable warm-white output


  • IP-66 rated for outdoor use
  • Noise-less convection cooling - no fans
  • For permanent indoor and outdoor installations
  • Accessories can be installed on-site with included trim ring
  • 6’ power leads

Ships with:

  • Fixture
  • Hanging yoke
  • Power cable
  • DMX cable

Manufacturer Warranty Included