ETC Selador Desire D40XTI

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The Selador® Desire D40XTI brings the amazing control of the sevencolor x7 Color System™ to your permanent application. With its IP66 rating, this fixture is ready for installation inside or outside - wherever you need it. The Selador x7 Color System produces the widest range of spectrally-balanced saturated and tinted color choices available.

LED Array Information:

The D40XTI luminaire is available with any one of the following color arrays to best suit the intended application.

  • D40XTI Vivid™: Best all-around use as a color-changing wash fixture
  • D40XTI Lustr+™: Optimized with six colors plus high-intensity white LEDs to create an ideal frontlight wash fixture; fullrange color, with an emphasis on lighter colors and white
  • D40XTI Studio HD: Combines warm-white and cool-white LEDs with five carefully-chosen x7 LED colors, to fill in white LED spectral apps with variable color-temperature mixing for the richest variable white light possible in an LED fixture

Also available in the following static white arrays:

  • D40XTI Studio Daylight – Contains forty 5600K LEDs for high-intensity, non-variable cool-white output
  • D40XTI Studio Tungsten – Contains forty 3000K LEDs for high-intensity, non-variable warm-white output


  • IP-66 rated for outdoor use
  • Noise-less convection cooling - no fans
  • For permanent indoor and outdoor installations
  • Accessories can be installed on-site with included trim ring • 6’ power leads

Ships with:

  • Fixture
  • Hanging yoke
  • Power cable
  • DMX cable

Manufacturer Warranty Included