ETC BluesSystem BlueDome LV

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BlueDome provides dimmable, omni-directional LED light designed to gently illuminate stairwells, lobbies, wing spaces and seating areas. The optional, snap-on eyelid accessory ensures that your BlueDomes provide safe illumination while conforming to the design needs of your venue.


  • Must be used with BluesSystem Power Supply
  • Ambient operating temperature 0–40° C / 32–104° F
  • Light spill masking accessories available
  • Indoor use only
  • Single-color, 3 W blue LED emitter
  • Low Voltage 11-36 VDC operating range
  • Supplied with wiring harness and Wago connector for easy termination

Ships with:

  • Fixture
  • Choice of adapter plate
  • Two mounting screws

Manufacturer Warranty: 3 years