ETC BluesSystem BlueBeam LV

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The dimmable, directional BlueBeam is perfect for loading galleries, upstage crossovers, scenery docks, fly rails and other backstage spaces. With four flexible beam angles, BlueBeam can illuminate tight spaces or long throws up to 50 feet. BlueBeam comes in white and black color options to blend into any behind-the-scenes environment. An optional, snap-on cowl accessory neatly prevents unwanted light spill.


  • Must be used with BluesSystem Power Supply
  • Ambient operating temperature 0–40° C / 32–104° F
  • Light spill masking accessories available
  • Single-color, 3 W blue LED emitter
  • Low Voltage 11-36 VDC operating range
  • Supplied with wiring harness and Wago connector for easy termination

Ships with:

  • Fixture
  • Choice of adapter plate (round, octagon, square)
  • Two mounting screws

Manufacturer Warranty: 5 years (full fixture) 10 years (LED array)