ArcSystem Pro 1-Cell Drivers

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Designed for use with ArcSystem Pro One-Cell series luminaires, the ArcSystem driver range is a convection cooled LED driver providing superior quality dimming. Each driver variant has been specifically optimized for the best possible control of its intended luminaire. With this in mind, the following chart details compatibility of each variant: D1 Driver suitable for Pro One-Cell / Pro One-Cell Small D1HO Driver suitable for Pro One-Cell High-Output D2 Driver suitable for Pro One-Cell Micro Each D1 driver provides power and control for one Pro One-Cell luminaire while the D2 can power up to 2 Pro One-Cell Micro luminaires. Intensity may be controlled directly using a wired-DMX connection to the drivers RJ45/etherCON connectors, or wirelessly using the separate ArcMesh Transmitter. An optional, wired-only, DMX/RDM version of each driver is available for projects that do not require wireless capability. Emergency options are available for all drivers.